Security and privacy are hot topics at the moment. If you care about your privacy you can secure your information with this encryption tools.

The synchronous encryption works with advanced encryption standard (AES). The library uses Javascript which encrypt the selected files client-side with a pass phrase. No server-side code will be necessary, and no information will be transferred between client and server.

Pretty Good Privacy enables you to encrypt a message for a receiver without a key exchange. It is also implemented in Javascript which execute the strong public key encryption in your local browser. An encrypted message is secured at the level provided by an RSA or Elgamal >=1024 bit key.

If you only want to encrypt a text message use the PGP encryption.

The Secure Messenger is a web application of the Telegram mobile app. It is based on the MTProto protocol which can carry data over HTTP because it is cloud-based.

The privacy gateway is a server that provides L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, Tor, Stunnel, OpenSSH and Shadowsocks to protect your privacy and break through a blocked access.

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